Manufacturers of Workplace and
Storage Equipment from standard to specials

Welcome to Simon and Dean Ltd.

British Manufacturer of steel handling and storage equipment, based in the Midlands.

Founded in 1949 producing galvanised steel tote pans, Simon and Dean Ltd now offer extensive, flexible ranges of cost-effective, dependable, handling and storage equipment for the trade.

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General, heavy and super duty work benches, Square tube work benches, Cantilever work benches, Wide span work benches, Stainless steel work benches, Sliding door work benches


Galvanised Steel Tote Pans, Tote Baskets, Plastic Tote Pans, Tote Pan Racks, Feeder Racks, Cantilever Racks, Stacking Racks, Rack Trolleys and Order Picking Trolleys

Tote pan systems including Euro Containers

Galvanised Work Pans, Container Dollies, Galvanised Steel Stacking Baskets

Storage containers, dollies and workbaskets

Galvanised Vista Bins, Racks and Trolleys, Louvred Bins, Racks and Trolleys

Open fronted bin storage

Standard Pallets, Post Rack Pallets, Chute Front Pallets, Bin Pallets, Corrugated Pallets, Flat Pallets, Storage Chests, Swarf and Refuse Tipping Trucks

Steel pallets

Platform and Box Trucks, Turntable Trucks, Workshop and Shelf Trolleys, Mesh Sided Trucks

Trucks and trolleys

Bar Cradles, Bar Racks, Horizontal and Vertical Sheet Racks

Bar and sheet storage

Galvanised Drip Trays, Drip Tray Trolley, Drip Tray Containment Shelving, Sump Pallets, Drum Trolley, Drum Stands and Racks, Drum Dolly

Liquids and drum storage

Clothes and Compartment Lockers, Cube Lockers, Post Boxes, Tool and Equipment Lockers, Stainless Steel Lockers

Lockers and cupboard storage

Cupboards, First Aid Cupboards, Hazardous Storage, Computer Security Storage, Mesh Clothes and Compartment Lockers, Mesh Cabinets, Security Enclosures, Cylinder Racks

Security and safety storage


The ranges include:

  • Workbenches - steel workshop benches to suit any requirement, including stainless steel construction for environments requiring strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Tote pan systems - in all shapes, sizes and variations including Euro Pans and Euro Containers.

  • Galvanised work containers - dollies and workbaskets.

  • Open fronted bin storage - designed for instant visibility of, and access to stock.

  • Steel pallets - a wide variety of steel pallets manufactured to suit most requirements.

  • Trolleys and trucks - for all applications.

  • Bar and sheet storage - vertical and horizontal steel sheet and bar racks and trolleys.

  • Liquid and drum storage - for safe storage and movement of liquid containers.

  • Lockers and cupboard storage - for clothes, tool and equipment.

  • Security, hazardous and safety storage - cupboards, chests, lockers etc.